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Plant Medicines are often referred to as herbal remedies and have been an integral part of human healing traditions for centuries with some stifled remedies making a comeback.

In this series, we explore the transformative nature of Plant Medicines and recommended practices to maximize the benefits that they offer.

Plant Medicines can have a profound effect and create a transformative experience with physical healing, mental relief and spiritual insights; whether it be Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Iboga or Peyote.

The allure of tapping into the supernatural healing power of Plant Medicines is enticing as its credibility as a holistic solution to most human conditions is making a comeback and becoming a talking point in modern conversations.

Plant Medicine is deeply rooted in human history as the origins of usage transcends time, ancient cultural boundaries and age-old indigenous traditions.

Although the benefits of Plant Medicine usage remains relevant as viable herbal remedies in our modern times, the efficacy of plant-based solutions are profoundly stifled.

The therapeutic potential of Plant Medicines derives from the natural compounds that plants have to offer; which are often perfectly tailored to address and mitigate specific human conditions.

Plant Medicines can often intensify our intrinsic connection with Nature and how we can extend beyond our physical world to encompass our emotional and spiritual bodies with a holistic approach to improving our overall well-being.

Preparing Mind and Body

To truly optimize and enrich our plant medicinal experience, preparation is key. Approaching the experience with the right mindset is paramount when delving into Plant Medicine as positivity and openness can create a more beneficial experience.

Additionally, ensuring physical readiness through proper nutrition, hydration, and exercise enhances the receptivity of plant medicine within the body.

Researching Plant Varieties

Plant allies are diverse, each offering unique healing properties.
Researching and getting familiar with Plant Medicines can empower us to make informed choices when aligned with their intended purpose.

Whether it's the calming properties of chamomile or the visionary experiences that can be induced by Ayahuasca, a clear intention is the doorway to an edifying experience..
A critical aspect for a safe Plant Medicine experience is the knowledge of proper dosage and administration as each plant has its own nuances and results vary per body type. Some prefer to microdose by consuming small, sub-perceptual amounts in for minor increments of the overall effect.

The Proper Environment

Creating a sacred space for the use of Plant Medicine is optional and also pivotal, as the difference can range between getting good results and having optimal breakthroughs.

Whether using Plant Medicine indoors or out in nature, the environment should feel safe, evoke tranquility and allow for deep introspection; preferably distraction free as the setting can make a major impact on the overall effectiveness of the experience.

Shared experiences of Plant Medicines have been known to deepen the connection and enrich the overall experience. However, it is just as crucial to choose the proper company to share it with as being surrounded with supportive and like-minded people can foster a sense of belonging, community and security.

Plant Medicine Integration

After using Plant Medicine, allow time for reflection and process the experience for optimal integration as journaling and contemplation are powerful tools for measuring insights gained and it grounds the experience into our everyday life.


The preparation, mindfulness, and respect for the power of Nature are key elements to ensure an optimized Plant Medicine experience.

As we embrace this path to wellness, we open ourselves to the vast potential of healing that is abundantly provided by Plant Medicines.

Those new to Plant Medicines should consult with an experienced integration professional who can provide valuable insights and expert guidance for safe and effective practices.

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