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As interest in Psilocybin Therapy grows, it becomes essential to approach Psilocybin use responsibly by understanding its profound impact as more than just a substance for recreational trips; its true potency lies in its therapeutic benefits.

We have shared numerous research studies that show Psilocybin's effectiveness in addressing mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, and PTSD goes beyond seeking a recreational experience; it is a transformative healing experience.

When considering Psilocybin Therapy, we began with the importance of setting intentions and creating an intentional setting prior to usage in our previous article; as this approach ensures our experience is grounded, purposeful and conducive to healing.

Implementing a Psilocybin based treatment plan can be a transformative experience and to avoid any setbacks, we have prepared a Psilocybin Dosage Guide with recommendations on how administer Psilocybin Therapy safely.

We kindly request that you approach Psilocybin Therapy with respect and reverence of the substance and its source, the mushroom.

The most conventional methods to administering Psilocybin is by ingesting it; which can be accomplished by consuming it in its original mushroom state, in a tincture, infused in cocoa tea or the most preferred, in a chocolate bar.

Consuming very small amounts of Psilocybin has gained in popularity for its purported benefits without inducing full Psychedelic experiences and has become known as Microdosing.

Our Dosage Guide will explain what a Microdose of Psilocybin is compared to a Full Dose or Moderate Dose; note: these are approximate figures that may vary slightly between Practitioners.


MICRO DOSE: Between 50 and 200 milligrams of Psilocybin.

LOW DOSE: Between 200 and 300 milligrams and 1 gram of Psilocybin.

MEDIUM LOW: Between 300 milligrams and 1 gram of Psilocybin.

MEDIUM DOSE: Between 1 and 2 grams of Psilocybin.

MEDIUM LARGE: Between 2 and 3 grams of Psilocybin.

LARGE DOSE: 3 grams or more of Psilocybin.

Individual responses to Psilocybin vary and it is crucial to adjust the dosage based on personal tolerance levels and the intention for the result of the experience.

Most Experts would agree to start with a Low Dose of Psilocybin Mushrooms and gauging by the effects of the first dose; wait half an hour to feel the effects which may last an hour or two depending upon the tolerance level and body metabolism.

After a proper integration period adjust the next dose as needed and regulate the amount from there; gradually increasing or decreasing the dosage as you go.

To put this into perspective, we will use a Troubador Chocolate bar as an example.

One chocolate bar contains 3.5 grams of Psilocybin Mushrooms; a whole bar would be considered a Large Dose of Psilocybin.

Each bar is divided into 15 detachable squares that each contain 277 milligrams of Psilocybin; one square would be considered a Low Dose and the recommended starting point to get a feel of the effects and then determine whether to turn it up or down.

A Medium Dose of Psilocybin leads to more pronounced effects that may include altered perceptions and deeper introspections; which would be between 4 and 8 squares.

However, Microdosing Psilocybin enables us to maintain control while reducing anxiety and discomforts; a microdose is between a quarter of a square to half a square of Troubador Chocolate.

This approach minimizes the risk of overwhelming sensations and allows us to explore the depths of our consciousness at a comfortable pace.

Scientific studies state that Psilocybin is not physically addictive and its use does not lead to dependence or compulsive behaviors; however, we emphasize the importance of responsible use and professional guidance.

Adhering to moderate use can be instrumental when first starting Psilocybin Therapy; this includes the amount of Psilocybin and the frequency of use.

When the temptation for a larger or more frequent dose arises, know that exceeding limits can lead to overwhelming sensations and poor experiences.

We continue to recommend consulting with an expert in Plant Medicines who is familiar with administering Psilocybin and can provide valuable guidance and insights.

Contact Moyenda Institute for a free Consultation.

Psilocybin's interactions with other medications can be unpredictable and simultaneous use of alcohol and street drugs during Psilocybin Therapy is definitely not recommended; these substances could intensify the effects and create an adverse reaction.

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